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Immanuel Campus of Care, a Watermark Community

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Kudos for Immanuel Campus of Care


"I have been living at Immanuel’s The Village for three years and take pleasure living here and participating in many of the activities. My absolute favorite at the moment is working in the Gardening Club. I plant and nurture the many plants and flowers in the early hours of the day. I even get my neighbors in on the watering and weeding. I’m really looking forward to the fall when I can change the flowers to reflect the changing of the season and enjoy the cooler temperatures!"


"I’ve been living at Immanuel for quite a few years with my husband. There are many things for me to do here – I love doing puzzles and playing bingo and other games and we have a very nice work out room that I use 3 times a week. I have many great neighbors who share my love of playing games and the food here is very good and satisfying. This is a wonderful community and I feel blessed and fortunate to live here!"


"Immanuel has been my home for 15 years now, and I have seen many changes. I have enjoyed the years here and intend to live here for the remainder of my days. I love the music and the many friends that have blessed my life."


"I really enjoy living here and getting involved in the games and crafts, Bible Study and especially the Gardening Club. I’m responsible for the entire top floor and I now have a new neighbor that helps me out since we have a lot of flowers up here. I like being busy and enjoy helping whenever I can."


"I moved to Immanuel over 5 years ago and plan on staying here for the remainder of my days. Over the years I’ve been involved in many different craft and gardening projects, something I’ve inherited from my dear Mother. I’ve always been a creative person who loves the outdoors, even in Arizona!

My biggest labor of love has been my largest by far and is an ongoing creative process. I’m always trying to make my project better and better. I call it: "Hopper Valley.” I’m making this outside landscape feature in the courtyard featuring a village of frogs. It has a nursery, municipal court, a Watermark University building, and even a taxi stand, all featuring frogs! I have several other ideas in the works, but that’s a secret for now.

I love living at Immanuel because everyone is so friendly and I enjoy everyone’s company and companionship. We all band together and it feels very much like family so being together makes our lives very full."


"I was born and raised in Arizona, making me a real Arizona native. I enlisted in the Army, and upon returning home, I took some nursing courses. After earning my Nursing Assistant certification, I worked in the Private Care arena until 2001.

The loves of my life are my four grand children and my favorite hobby, creating miniature doll houses and furnishings. My hobby allows me to be very imaginative and to have endless inspiration in creating pieces. I’ve helped my wonderful neighbor by adding some distinctive furnishings for her “Hopper Valley” exhibit on display in the courtyard.

I love being at Immanuel because of all the people and friends I’ve made while living here the last few years. We all care about each other, hang out and play games and eat great food together. I love socializing, so this is a great place to live for me!"



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To speak to a resident please dial 1-623-977-8373

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